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NBA 2K League Q&A: Hawks Talon HC Acuff talks 'The Ticket,' Spurs joining Tribe Gaming and more

He also talks about the San Antonio Spurs joining esports giant Tribe Gaming.
Credit: NBA.com

SAN ANTONIO — Hawks Talon Gaming is coming off a losing streak until they split their recent matches and are looking to build on it.

Despite the losing record, the team is looking at "The Ticket" as their answer to salvage their season and make a postseason appearance.

I recently caught up with Hawks Talon's head coach, Wesley Acuff, to discuss the team at this point of their season and his thoughts on the San Antonio Spurs joining esports giant Tribe Gaming.

Jeff: We are here at the stretch run of the season, what's the mindset of the team right now?

Wesley: Every day is just about preparing for the Ticket. Trying to build some confidence and some momentum as we get ready for the last tournament of the season. Try to give it our all in that tournament to make a playoff push.

Jeff: As for your players, do you stress that the season is not completely lost. The Ticket is there. How much do you address the Ticket with them as that tournament gets here?

Wesley: We've had a rough go down the stretch with a bunch of losses. And so we were all very aware that The Ticket is going to be our shot at turning things around. So we've kind of been focused on getting better for that for a few weeks now. And just the closer we get to it, I'd say the more excited we are, the more we try to lock in and focus on getting it right for that moment and building that momentum down the last stretch of the season to take it into that tournament.

Jeff: A lot of players around the league know how important winning the Ticket tournament can be. You've seen teams just vault themselves into the playoffs. That's got to give the guys a lot of hope.

Wesley: You can erase a really bad season by just winning The Ticket. And so we understand how important that tournament is. And I think everybody who's on the roster is just excited and ready to compete in and to try and turn this thing around.

Jeff: I don't know if you heard the news that the NBA team that I cover, the San Antonio Spurs, partnered up with that Austin-based mobile gaming company, Tribe Gaming. What does that do for you?

Wesley: Hearing you telling me about it, it reassures me of what the future of this thing is. It's only going to keep growing and as professional teams continue to get behind and get involved in esports, that's only going to help it grow. And I'm just looking forward to it. The future of gaming is amazing. And as we continue to see our league grow overseas, internationally, and locally, now, to more NBA teams getting involved, I just think it just puts the exclamation point on it and shows us that this is the future.

Spurs fans can check out the latest with the NBA 2K League by visiting the league's Twitter page.

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