If you love The Coyote, the official mascot of the San Antonio Spurs, Rob Wicall is probably a big reason why.

“People always wonder, ‘who is in that costume?’ Well, now you know. And I’m sorry that you had to see this face,” Wicall said opening his retirement press conference.

Wicall, who’s held the job for the past decade, held a press conference at the St. Anthony Hotel on Thursday afternoon to announce his retirement. He thanked the Spurs organization for giving him the opportunity to do what he loves and then gave an emotional farewell.

“In that job, I felt like I was one of the luckiest men in the world because I had the opportunity to do something that I absolutely loved with all of my heart,” said a tearful Wicall. “I made a career out of making people happy, out of creating a positive impact on other people’s lives. But all good things have to come to an end.”

People are using the hashtag #ThankYouCoyote on Twitter to show their appreciation for the beloved man behind the mascot.