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Knicks 111, Spurs 96: What they said after the game

"Under the circumstances, I couldn’t expect more," Gregg Popovich said.

SAN ANTONIO — The Spurs were unable to end their long road trip with a win, losing to the Knicks, 111-96, at Madison Square Garden.

Dejounte Murray led the team with 24 points off 11-19. Lonnie Walker IV finished with 15 points and Jakob Poeltl ended the night with 12 points.

The Spurs move to 15-25, are on a three-game losing streak, and will next play the Rockets on Jan. 12.

Here's a sample of what the teams said after the game courtesy of the Spurs and Knicks.


"Overall, I’m thrilled with tonight. They played hard. Three quarters, hung in. Under the circumstances, I couldn’t expect more. I wanted more, but it would be silly to expect more. I think they’ve done a great job with the situation they found themselves in," Gregg Popovich said.

"I don’t know what exactly the reason was. Seems like we ran out of gas a little bit. They [Knicks] made some shots in a row and we couldn’t answer anymore," Poeltl said. 

"Obviously, with all the difficult times with COVID-19 or injuries or this guy playing or that guy playing, all different lineups, you know it’s out of our control. There’s nothing we can do about it. Go out and play hard and that’s really it,” Murray said.


“The Spurs do a great job of attacking the paint. You’ve got to make sure you’re protecting the paint, keeping the ball out, and then you’re got to move on the flight off the ball," New York coach Tom Thibodeau said.

“Obviously when you make shots, it opens things up, but you know, it’s always the question of whether you are making shots because you are playing good offense or are you playing good offense because you make shots," Evan Fournier said.

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