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Is Manu Ginobili seeking a larger role with the Spurs?

"He's just trying to figure out where he's going to fit in," head coach Gregg Popovich said.

SAN ANTONIO — San Antonio Spurs great Manu Ginobili is no stranger to the team considering he is well into retirement.

He is currently the team's Special Advisor to Basketball Operations, but is he now seeking a larger role with the Spurs?


Ahead of the team's Saturday night game versus the Clippers, head coach Gregg Popovich was speaking on Ginobili's inquisitive nature about a variety of topics, including his role with the franchise.

This led Popovich to talk about how involved Ginobili is with the team.

"He'll be talking to a player about how to read something in a pick-and-roll," Popovich said. "He's been spending his time on the management side and on the court development-wise with players."

And if that isn't enough, Ginobili is spending time with the Spurs' scouting department as he is searching for how he'll fit best.

"[He's] going over to talk to the draft people about scouting. He's just trying to figure out where he's going to fit in," Popovich said.

Credit: Spurs

Since joining the team post-retirement, Ginobili has been instrumental in player development.

Off the court, he and the players have donated their time to help out the San Antonio Food Bank and toured San Antonio's East Side as well as the city's Missions with the young players.

However, this is not the first time Popovich spoke on Ginobili's role with the team.

In 2021 the head coach explained what the Basketball Hall of Famer's responsibilities will entail when he was hired by the Spurs.

"He’s going to do everything. He’s going to help Brian [Wright] in management. He’s going to help me with coaching. He’s going to help the players with development. He’s probably going to go scout some people," Popovich said.

The players listen to him and he is showing the Spurs he might be seeking a bigger role but if you are thinking a coaching spot is in his future, think again.

He's made it clear he does not have coaching in his future sights but as they say, never say never.

What makes this time different, is that it may seem Ginobili is looking for just how best suited he can be with San Antonio moving forward.

"We'll have him someplace in the organization," Popovich said. "It's basically whatever he wants to do we're going to do it. If he told me to take a hike, I'll take a hike. He's Manu. He gets to do whatever he wants. Truly." 

What do you say, Spurs fans? Do you think Ginobili will go into coaching? Perhaps an executive role? Let us know on Twitter at @KENS5 and @JeffGSpursKENS5.

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