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'I love being in San Antonio' | Spurs' Keldon Johnson shares his love for Lanier High School and the San Antonio community

The Spurs forward is thankful for the love he receives from the city and fans.

SAN ANTONIO — When he puts on the San Antonio uniform, Spurs’ Keldon Johnson represents the city admirably.

His high-motor, workman-like approach, passion on the court, humility, and dedication to improving has won over the city and fans.

Off the court, he is just as impactful in the community.

He is a spokesperson for several local businesses, makes time for plenty of fan meet-and-greets, and gives back to the community. A huge reason for this is Johnson’s continuing education of what makes San Antonio so unique.

Aside from a trip to Las Vegas and Japan for the 2021 Olympics, Johnson stayed in San Antonio for most of the offseason.

During this time, he embraced the city’s unique culture and took time to learn what makes it special.

He toured the South Side’s Mission San Jose, took part in a fan meet-up at a local business, and went to a sneaker convention where he mingled with fans and took time to snap photos.

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He even learned how to make tamales.

“It is incredible to see so many great people across San Antonio come together around Keldon and the Spurs,” said Johnson’s agent Rahul Patel. “I think that is why it has been important for Keldon to stay local during the offseason.”

Said Patel: “To really continue to build an understanding of what makes San Antonio and south Texas so special.”

Overall, San Antonio has been good for Johnson; however, the one place the Spurs forward spends most of this offseason is Lanier High School.

San Antonio’s west side high school has been his second home. The school gave him 24-hour access; you can find him at the high school’s basketball court at all hours of the day and night.

When he isn’t in the Voks’ gym, he joins the school's events; recently he took part in Lanier’s Sports Season event.

Credit: Lanier HS

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"Lanier High School holds a special place in my heart,” said Johnson. “When the world shut down due to COVID-19, coach Art Campos and Lanier welcomed me into their gym. It was my go-to when the world shut down and still is.”

Johnson has been training at Lanier since his rookie season and has never left. The school has embraced him as their own. The athletes speak highly of him, and the coaching staff expresses their gratitude for the Spur.

And he hasn’t forgotten what they have done for him.

To thank Lanier, he donated a basketball shooting machine worth $10,000.

Credit: FSM

“Campos lets me use the gym during the off-season at any hour of the day because I like to train here in San Antonio,” Johnson said.

In the minds of most Spurs fans, Johnson is a big piece of the Spurs’ rebuild. His accomplishments cause the fanbase to swell with pride and rally behind him.

“It is incredible to see so many great people across San Antonio come together around Keldon and the Spurs,” Patel said. “To have been able to see firsthand what Campos and Lanier are doing is simply amazing. And the community has really embraced him.”

Ultimately, Johnson seeks to engrain himself into the San Antonio community, be there for fans, and make a positive impact. And in just three years, he has done that and more.

“I love being in San Antonio and love to ball at Lanier High School with all the students,” Johnson said.

It is safe to say San Antonio loves having him as well.

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