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'I don’t believe this' | Spurs rookie Landale on getting the call he was NBA bound, first impressions of Texas

He was expecting Texas to be very different than he thought.

SAN ANTONIO — When Spurs rookie Jock Landale got the call he was bound for the NBA, he didn’t believe it at all.

In an interview with “The Huddle” podcast, Landale opened up about finding out he was set to be the newest member of the Spurs, and needless to say, it took him a long while before he realized the magnitude of his life-changing moment. 

“It’s a call that you’re going to be on an NBA team next year,” Landale said about his agent contacting him. “You just had your fully guaranteed offer.”

Landale said: “And I was just like, ‘bull---- I don’t believe this.’ To my core, I didn’t believe it.”

How long did it take him to realize he made it to the NBA?

A long plane ride to San Antonio, and finally sitting down with Spurs GM Brian Wright before reality hit him.

But even on his signing day, it didn’t go smoothly.

“I didn’t believe it until my signing at the Spurs’ facility," said Landale. “I go to swipe the pen and my signature and I completely botched the signature. I was so nervous.”

You can understand why he was nervous.

Aside from making it to the NBA, Landale recently revealed that playing for the Spurs is a dream come true in an interview with ESPN.

"For him to spring that on me was a dream come true. I've always idolised San Antonio as an organisation, it was out of the blue and I'm really happy it's happened now. First deal, I wanted to sign, and it just ended up being one of the teams I've always wanted to play for."

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As for calling Texas home, the Spurs big man did say the Lone Star State is not exactly what he pictured.

“It’s just green. I was expecting the desert, cactus, all of that,” he said. “Rolling hills, beautiful green pastures. It’s insane. It kind of fits my mold. It fits the country life I suppose.”

But make no mistake, he sees San Antonio as home.

Landale will be competing for minutes at the center spot with the Spurs along with Jakob Poeltl and Drew Eubanks. He has a good shooting range and toughness.

And he is already a fan favorite.

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