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Happy Big 3 Day! A walk down memory lane

Today is a very special day for all Spurs fans!

SAN ANTONIO — For anyone outside of San Antonio, Monday might just be any other day – but for Spurs fans across the globe, it has a deeper meaning.

It marks a unique date on the calendar for Spurs fans: 9/20/21. Those numbers reflect three of the greatest Spurs to ever put on the team uniform.

Four of the five NBA titles hanging in the AT&T Center are due in large part to Spurs legends Tony Parker (No. 9), Manu Ginobili (No. 20), and Tim Duncan (No. 21).

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On the court, they were a formidable force and are the winningest trio in NBA history.

They are well into retirement and their jerseys now hang in the AT&T Center. Duncan is in the Basketball Hall of Fame and Parker and Ginobili will likely be enshrined next.

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As we celebrate "Big 3" day, let's take a video walk down memory lane.

From Parker's teardrop shot, Ginobili's devastating Eurostep to Duncan's bank shot here's the best from the greatest players to ever wear the Spurs uniform.




What about you Spurs fans? What are some of your favorite Big 3 moments? Share them with us on Twitter at @KENS5

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