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Get insight on what it is to be a Spurs team doctor

A pair of Spurs physicians give a glimpse into what it is like working with the Silver and Black.

SAN ANTONIO — San Antonio Spurs players put their bodies through much during an NBA season.

For 82 games, they put themselves at risk for persistent, nagging injuries to possible career-ending ones.

And there are the injuries that end their season and put them through grueling rehabilitation.

So it takes some of the best medical minds to tend to the rigors of the Silver and Black players, keep them healthy and a pair of team doctors are sharing their experiences taking care of the Spurs.

Sports Medicine Associates of San Antonio's Dr. David Schmidt and Dr. Eliot Young took time to talk about their work with the Spurs, giving great insight into what it takes to serve the club.

In a pair of videos shared by Sports Medicine Associates of San Antonio, Schmidt (who has been with the team since 1993 as the head physician) spoke about his journey to the team and more.

Young dives into the nitty-gritty of being a doctor for the Spurs including how he needs to be ready at a moment's notice, how much recovery speed is key, and having a very flexible schedule.

The Spurs have a solid reputation for putting players' health first. Countless times the team will sit out players or send them to the Austin Spurs for rehabilitation and recovery just as they did with Zach Collins last season.

In addition, the team will extend their recovery time to ensure their long-term health isn't impacted and lean on what team doctors suggest when it comes to a player's health.

And that good reputation begins with Schmidt and Young for maintaining the team's good health throughout the season.

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