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Celtics' Udoka calls time with Spurs as being with 'Boy Scouts'

This is actually a nice complement towards the Spurs organization.

SAN ANTONIO — Celtics head coach Ime Udoka served as a Spurs assistant coach from 2012-19. 

With San Antonio, he learned from arguably the best coach in league history, Gregg Popovich, and cut his teeth before ultimately landing a head coaching job with Boston ahead of the new season.

He also had stops in Brooklyn and Philadelphia but when reflecting on his time with the Spurs, Udoka believes it wasn't the "real" NBA life and just being with a bunch of "Boy Scouts."

"I learned a lot during being in San Antonio for seven years, and then jump into Philly in Brooklyn. I always talk about those two years away. We're probably as invaluable as seven years in San Antonio for different reasons," Udoka said courtesy of Boston Sports Journal's John Karalis. "So love the time there I loved getting to know the players better, and getting back to the real NBA outside of you know, the Boy Scouts in San Antonio." 

Obviously, Udoka is just kidding and knows if it wasn't for the Spurs and Popovich giving him his break into the coaching ranks, perhaps he might not be on the NBA sidelines in Boston.

In addition, this is actually a nice compliment towards the Spurs and their demand that their players be class acts on and off the court.

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Rarely do you hear the Spurs in the headlines for the wrong reasons and they are constantly out in the community helping the residents of the city.

On the court, they win with class and as Popovich proclaims, they want players that check their egos at the door putting the team first.

Udoka's Celtics will play the merit badge-wearing Spurs on Nov. 26 in San Antonio.

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