SIMONTON, Texas – If any doubt lingers over the meaning of the Astros trip to the World Series, go ahead and check it in a Simonton driveway.

That’s where you’ll find the RV occupied by Jake and Rachelle Davis and their six children, their home since Hurricane Harvey. Lately, the RV has also become their 300-square-foot World Series suite.

“God knew we needed a little blessing through all this, something for everybody to rally behind,” said Jake, facing the televised game, while surrounded - on every available seating surface - by his wife and six children, ages 3 to 15.

An aunt and uncle, in town to help the Davis’ with their clean-up, have also wedged themselves into the RV for the game six. Though cramped, no one complains.

“Tiny house living,” Jake said with a smile.

“Nobody’s hiding anything around here,” Rachelle added with a smile of her own.

At the top of the driveway, just a few feet from the RV, the Davis home is still being repaired. It’s the second time the family has been forced into their RV. Their home was also flooded last Memorial Day. Jake, Rachelle and the kids had only recently moved back in, when Harvey again made them driveway refugees.

Three-year-old Tatum Davis shifts from lap to lap, a feat he can easily muster with his feet never touching the ground.

In these Astros, the Davis parents sees a piece of themselves.

“They’re just survivors, they’re fighters, they’re survivors,” Jake said.

“I think it’s just all of us,” Rachelle added. “They keep coming back and we’re gonna come back.”

Count the Davis family soundly in the Astros camp.

“They’re just going to have fun on the ride no matter how it ends, and that’s us,” Rachelle said. “We’re just going to have fun on the ride.”