SAN ANTONIO — Did you know from 2012-2017 only 219 games made it into the 13th inning or later? That's essentially 1 percent of all the regular season games played during that time period.

I am a huge baseball fan; it is my favorite sport, but it makes me crazy when I see the New York Mets playing Milwaukee for 18 innings during a regular season game.

I know my mother and all traditionalists out there hate this, but Major League Baseball needs to change extra innings in the regular season. It just doesn't make for a good product.

The 162-game schedule has existed since the 1960's, but the players get tired, pitching staffs are wiped out and just to use this game as an example, a win or loss came down to the arms of Chris Flexen and Taylor Williams. Not necessarily what both fan bases want to see happen.

Also, how many casual fans are staying up late to watch 18 innings of baseball?

Finally, there's a hangover effect. The next day, you have to call guys up, send guys down, and then, like the Mets, you sit a handful of your everyday players to get rest before traveling and playing again Monday on the road.

At some point, the excitement of extra-innings turns into 'ughhh, please can we end this already?'

And that's where I want to make the change, right at that transitional point where we're all fed up.

The World Baseball Classic and Minor League Baseball mess around with this concept, but I'm saying, add a runner at second base entering the 13th inning.

What we've seen or heard is a runner getting added once extra-innings begin or after the 10th, see I'm not a fan of that. I think we should give both teams at least one time through the lineup to get something done. Three innings guarantees that opportunity, if it makes it that far.

If at that point there is no winner, just put a guy out there on 2nd and let's have some fun.

In no way, shape or form would you do this in the postseason. 

The NFL has amended its overtime rules. It's not perfect - far from it - but it's better than what it was.

College Football just put a new rule in place saying it's all two-point conversions after the 4th OT.

The NHL plays 3-on-3 hockey and then goes to a shootout. Almost every sport has changed overtime, over time.

So in an age with analytics controlling front offices and relief pitchers starting games, I don't get the whole 'we're messing with the integrity of the game' bit.

If we can make the game better and more appealing for fans, we should look into options like this.