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Local women in sports reflect on the importance of Title IX

"For me I was pre-Title IX baby so I didn't have sports growing up," said Former San Antonio Sports CEO Susan Blackwood.

SAN ANTONIO — This week we celebrate FIFTY YEARS of the historic legislation commonly known as Title IX

And for those who may not know exactly what that is, it prohibits sex-based discrimination in any school or any education program that receives funding from the federal government, and the world of athletics has been right in the center of that conversation. We spoke with several women who have helped shape the south Texas sports scene, and they shared what the milestone anniversary means to them.

UTSA Director Of Athletics Lisa Campos: "There are a lot of current student athletes who probably don't know a ton of the history of that. I have benefitted so much from Title IX."

Credit: The Hastings Family

Madison High School Mavericks Girls Basketball Head Coach Tracy Hastings: "Honestly it probably gave me the opportunity for myself to actually go to college, and gave me a scholarship. It gave me opportunities that I didn't realize it would have given me."

San Antonio Sports Senior Vice President/COO Jenny Carnes: "Some of my high school buddies give me a hard time for not holding all the scoring records in my hometown, and I have to point out to them the woman who only had to play offense on half the court."

Former NEISD Director Of Athletics Karen Funk: "I went to a very small 1A school, and then I went to a very big 5A school. In my 1A we did everything, and in my 5A school we did nothing because they didn't have to. Missing out on those opportunities as a young athlete was tough. You had to search out opportunities to play."

Former San Antonio Sports CEO Susan Blackwood: "For me I was pre-Title IX baby so I didn't have sports growing up. I got into sports administration as fast as I could to help create these opportunities for other girls and women."

Credit: San Antonio Sports

UTSA Women's Basketball Head Coach Karen Aston: "You go on the road in the summertime and the spring evaluation period and you run into coworkers and peers a lot. It has been interesting to talk to some of them about the impact of Title IX. Vivian Stringer retiring this year and you reflect back on really what they did for women's athletics in general."

Former Bexar County Judge Cyndi Taylor Krier: "I played sports before Title IX, but I grew up in George West, and folks there was so supportive of football, basketball and later volleyball. I almost felt like we started Title IX. It was not a political issue there, but rather it was a sports issue for kids. We were so fortunate to have that basis."

Credit: AP
San Antonio Silver Stars forward Sophia Young , right, watches her shot fall as Seattle Storm center Janell Burse (33) defends during the second quarter of their WNBA basketball game in San Antonio, Friday, May 25, 2007. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

Former Baylor Bear and WNBA San Antonio Star Sophia Malcolm Young: "Because of Title IX my life has completely changed. Generations from now it is gonna be changed because of my life and how Title IX has affected it."

San Antonio Sports Senior Vice President Jenny Carnes: "We have so far with girls and women in athletics, but I feel like we have a long way to go, still."

We'll continue the conversation Tuesday with the ladies thoughts on how the legislation has done since its birth fifty years ago this week. 

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