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Kawhi Leonard claps back at media in New Balance ad

The advertisement plays on the former Spurs player's anti-media attitude.
Credit: New Balance

Kawhi Leonard is back in the media spotlight... despite the claim that he doesn't need to be. 

The cameras, the hot takes, chasing fouls, sweating your comments, posting selfies, your attention? He doesn't need any of it.

That's the theme of the former San Antonio Spurs player's new advertisement with New Balance. 

New Balance took to social media to share the promotional ad, which simply states that Kawhi Leonard doesn't need your attention because... well, he already has it.

The popular shoe company partnered with Leonard, who currently plays for the Toronto Raptors, to promote the basketball star's NBA All-Star edition OMNI1S sneakers. 

The 40-second ad, which features Leonard in a hoodie interspersed between a series of graphics featuring scribbled words and cartoons, plays up the three-time All-Star's rocky relationship with the media, basketball fans, sports commentators and even fellow NBA players. 

New Balance uses the ad to draw a parallel between Leonard and the OMNI1S sneakers, focusing on the tagline that "Game speaks for itself."

And despite Kawhi claiming he didn't need the comments or the hot takes, Twitter users still decided to share their thoughts anyway. 

Meanwhile, some were fans of the message New Balance and the hoopster were trying to send. 

Regardless of whether or not you're a Kawhi fan or a New Balance fan, it doesn't matter. Both certainly have our attention. 

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