It wasn't too long ago when Rams wide receiver Josh Reynolds walked past the John Jay High School walls without his face staring down at the students.

"You can tell he was going to do some great things," John Jay assistant principal Pete Pruneda III said.

To say Pruneda is proud is an understatement. He worked with Reynolds for two years as a wide receivers coach at the school. Now his former pupil is playing in the world's biggest game.

"It was pretty neat to have that buzz and excitement in the air to have one of our own playing in the Super Bowl," Pruneda said.

There are too many Mustangs to count on this campus, but at the heart of the high school stands the biggest Mustang of all:

John Jay Reynolds
The John Jay Mustang dons the No. 83 jersey for Josh Reynolds.

And it has a new look.

"Getting to see the jersey of Josh Reynolds is symbolic of our kids of hope and what great people we have here," Jay head football coach Gary Gutierrez said.

It took staffers roughly 3.5 hours to not only sew this jersey, but then put the decals on it. The school plastered this Mustang all over social media and Josh Reynolds even responded, being very appreciative for what his high school is doing for him.

"It was tweeted out by Northside. Then the Rams retweeted it like 10 minutes later," Pruneda said.

The exposure is great for John Jay, but Josh's example is even better.

"It means a lot," Jay senior Armani Tate said. "It means he didn't forget where he came from. He struggled like all of us and went through the process like everyone else."

Jay junior Adryan Pittman said, "I really look up to him because I got some shoes to fulfill. He's doing big (things) and I feel like I gotta do something  big because he's John Jay too."