O’Connor offensive lineman Brannon Brown is a rare breed in football. It’s tough to count all the games he’s started since his freshman year.

“I have to do the math," Brown said. "I think this week will be 43.”

Whether it’s sheer size or tremendous talent, you cannot miss Brown on the field.

“When he was in eighth grade, we knew he was a big kid," Brown said.

That, of course, is assuming you do not mistake him for junior Logan Parr, the other bulky blocker who has started since stepping foot on campus.

“You know, you can coach another 30 years and may not have two kids start for you as true freshman again," head coach David Malesky said.

The Panthers are 5-0 on the season and have only lost one regular season game with both of these guys on the line.

“In our opinion, we will go out there and play better than anyone else and we will try our best every single play," Brown said.

Parr is a whopping 6-foot-4, 278 pounds. Brown is 6-foot-5, 295 pounds.

“They are just really good-hearted, quiet kids. But you put a football uniform on them, don’t get in front of ‘em," Coach Malesky said.

Brown definitely leads by example, which has helped Parr immensely.

“Brannon has taken Logan under his wing and, actually, it’s not under his wing, it’s side by side now," Coach Malesky said.

Parr added,

“Freshman year, I just wanted to be just like him,” Parr said of Brown. “I idolized him, growing up, eighth grade, I just wanted a shot to be able to play next to him.”

In a few months, Brown will head to Fort Worth to play for TCU while Parr weighs his 23 Division I offers. Soon, the colossal O’Connor offensive line will be no more, unless...

“Always gotta give him a ‘Go Frogs’ every once in a while and keep it in his mind," Brown laughed.

“I mean, it would be great to play with him,” Parr responded. “I’m still deciding.”