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Johnson Jaguars football coach welcomed to new job with heartfelt gift from his sister

"It really brings you back to family. Since my dad has passed our family motto has been ‘you’ll never walk alone,’" said Mark Soto's sister, Lisa.

SAN ANTONIO — "My sister is pretty talented. She went ahead and made me a Johnson Jaguars Yeti Cup," said Johnson Jaguars new football head coach Mark Soto.

Soto is the new guy in town, but thanks to his sister Lisa who designs custom cups, the new coaches offices feels a little more like home. 

"Once I finished it I was so excited I just went over there because I was delivering a couple of other cups, and I stopped at his house on the way home," said  Mark sister’s, Lisa. "He was like, oh my goodness, that is so cool."

"That was just so amazing, and I think I’ve got something like 250 hits on Facebook," coach added.

"I wanted to show him that we are supporting him, and that we are proud to wear Johnson blue now," said Lisa. "So I just decided that I needed to make him a cup." 

"She gets it from my mom and dad. They are  both very creative," said coach. "Mom is a florist, and dad was a painter doing lots of oil work. It comes naturally for some of the people in the family," Coach Soto quipped. 

"It really brings you back to family. Since my dad has passed our family motto has been ‘you’ll never walk alone,’" said Lisa. 

"It has got a little bit of everything. It has the Johnson Jaguar logo, and my name. It has the school logo, and even the NEISD logo," coach showed.

"When he told me that he might be coaching at Johnson, I was like what? I’m not gonna be wearing purple (San Marcos High School) anymore?" Lisa quipped.

"It took me a minute so I wanted to come back and reinforce that I’m supporting him, and happy to be his biggest cheerleader at whatever school he decides he’s gonna benefit from," Lisa added.

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