No matter where he plays, linebacker Adon Alaniz is at home on the football field.

“I’ve always loved football," the senior said. "My family is a big football family.”

In this game, one of the primary lessons learned is adjusting on the fly, something Alaniz knows all too well.

“I moved here my sophomore year because my dad got in trouble with the law. So, for most of my life, it’s been me and my mom," Alaniz said.

Adon Alaniz and his mother moved from Midland to New Braunfels three years ago for a better life. That’s where head coach Glenn Mangold met his future linebacker for the first time.

“From day one, meeting him, he was real standoffish," Coach Mangold said. "[He] didn’t really want to have anything to do with anybody.”

As time moved forward, so did Adon’s relationships improved.

“He knew the hand that he was dealt and he made the best of it," Mangold said. "Slowly, as coaches, he started to trust us a bit.”

“Now that I know all these people, I’ve built really good relationships here and I love it," Alaniz said. "I couldn’t be in a better situation.”

ADON Alaniz pic.jpg
Linebacker Adon Alaniz is currently getting recruited by colleges. He hopes to earn a scholarship somewhere to make his mother proud and relieve future financial burden.

The senior has earned the respect of his teammates and is one of the captains of this Unicorns squad.

“I really love it because coming here sophomore year, it was just hard to gain the trust of everybody," Alaniz admitted.

These days, Adon is feeling right at home.

“I love the sport and I love my teammates. I want to make everybody proud.”