San Antonio — "We have a team of destiny," says Brandeis Broncos head coach David Branscom.

"It means a team to remember. We have to set the foundation, this team right here, going into the fourth round. We want to be the team that starts that spark for years to come," said wide receiver Brandon Pake.

"A team of destiny has great practices, always fights like a Bronco is what the says," said tight end Oscar Cardenas. "For us to achieve greatness, and achieving greatness for us is just being the best team that we can possibly be this season," said linebacker Brent Malone.

But here's the question - can this team of destiny do it yet again? Can they win this week? Can they beat mighty Austin Westlake?

"Lots of people have already told me this week that there is no way you can win, and that's not why you play the game. I think this team is capable of so much," said Branscom.

"Yeah, it is amazing. They are an excellent team everywhere, and they don't have a weak spot on that team. So as seniors it's great to have that kind of challenge this deep in the playoffs, a team like Westlake," said Pake.

"This is not David versus Goliath. They put their pants on the same way we do. They are a great traditional football team. They have some great players that are well coached, and we have a huge task at hand, but we are excited about the opportunity," said the head coach.

"It's their choices to be a team of destiny that matters most."