ALAMO HEIGHTS, Texas — In a sea of Alamo Heights football players, one senior stands out. 

"He's a great motivator," Mules head coach Mike Norment said. "He's a great leader to younger players. He's just a guy I wish we have more of."

Linebacker Josh Galindo is used to having others look up to him—just in a more metaphorical sense.

"My height is 5-feet-8-inches and I weigh 160 pounds."

Galindo earned his first start with the Mules as a sophomore, an impressive feat with his size at that linebacker position.

"(Other players) really tower over me a bit, but I try to use my quickness and speed as much as I can to go around people and hit (them) in the mouth," the senior Galindo said.

Defensive coordinator Josh Smith said, "He's probably the toughest guy on the field at all times. He's not the biggest guy, but he's an effort guy. When he steps on the field it's a switch. He's totally a different kid. He turns into a monster."

Josh Galindo
Josh Galindo practicing at Alamo Heights High School.

Once he springs into action, Galindo earns respect from opposing coaches and players immediately.

"I think (opposing players) think it might be easy (to push me aside) until it's live play and they're like, 'Wow, this guy isn't going to let me get passed him.' That really happens all game," Galindo said.

Norment said, "I don't think (teams) realize until they see him (in person) like, 'Oh, he's really not that big.' But look at his stats and watch film and he gets to a lot of places real quick."

Galindo never makes excuses.

"Size doesn't really matter as long as you go out there and give it your all."

Even if he will never put the height in Alamo Heights.

"I think that's a huge part of my life just exceeding expectations in all aspects," he said. "Try to make as many people as proud as possible."

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