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East Texas community continues to support Lindale senior recovering from skiing accident with multiple fundraisers

Lindale ISD cheerleader Hannah Evans continues to recover in a Colorado hospital. Meanwhile her family and community continue to raise funds for her recovery.

LINDALE, Texas — According to the Evans family, Lindale ISD senior Hannah Evans continues to recover in a Colorado hospital intensive care unit. The high school cheerleader was hospitalized after hitting a tree during a skiing incident on a spring break trip. 

Evans' aunt Jessica Carlisle said she's undergone a hip surgery, will not have to go through a rib cage surgery, but she still has a tub draining fluids from her lungs. The family said the next steps for Evans after the ICU is rehabilitation treatment for physical therapy. 

"She is going to be in the ICU for a least eight more days," Carlisle said. "It could be months to be honest, they don't know but they are planning for a long recovery."

Carlisle said the Evans family is overwhelmed and in awe for all the support East Texans have shown them. 

Since the incident LISD and the community are host several fundraisers for the family. On Friday the school hosted “Hats for Hannah” to show their support for Evans. 

"Hannah has seen and heard of everything that's going on," Carlisle said. "She feels incredible gratitude, Hannah's a fighter and she is just ready to tackle this recovery however that looks."

Evans is a Taylor Swift fan but unfortunately will not make it to next week’s concert in Arlington. She and her mother has given Carlisle permission to raffle off their two tickets to pay for the cost staying in Colorado. 

"I initially decided to raffle these tickets as a way to help the family with their immediate needs," Carlisle said. "I am very thankful because we have raised approximately $11,000, some in donations because not everyone wants a concert ticket."

The raffle for the Taylor Swift concert ends this Saturday with the drawing scheduled to happen Sunday night. Many social media users have been tagging Taylor Swift on our Facebook post about Evan's situation. 

Carlisle confirmed that Swift has not reached out to the family, they are not expecting her too but they are all fans and would be delighted to hear from the singer. 

"Their hope is that she's gonna regain feeling," Carlisle said. "Whatever it looks like they are going to tackle this new life. Hannah is not going to let this stop her from meeting any of her goals. She's very determined and a strong willed girl."

For more information on how to enter the raffle click this link. To donate to the family’s GoFundMe click here. You can also donate to their Texas Bank and Trust account at any location by referencing the Hannah Evans benefit account. 

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