SAN ANTONIO — The Reagan baseball team was well on its way towards another state championship run (and could still be). Through 16 games, the Rattlers only lost twice. Just like all our athletic teams, we're just crossing fingers and praying these seasons can be salvaged. Vinnie Vinzetta met up with manager Chans Chapman to talk about how his squad is doing right now.

Vinnie: Other than doing nothing, what have you been up to lately?

Chans: I've been spending a lot of time with my wife and two daughters in our house playing board games and different things like that.

Vinnie: It's weird, you and I were visiting the other day and there's no playbook, coach, for how this thing goes right now.

Chans: No. This is pretty much unprecedented. I would not envy the individuals who have to make the decisions on this because there's nothing where they can look back and say 'well this happened before and this is how we're going to do this.' They're winging it and trying to do what's best day-by-day.

Vinnie: You've got a stacked club, a power pitching staff, a lot of talented players -- you're one of the favorites to win the title -- I would imagine your guys are chomping at every bit to get back out there. I know you want to coach. What's your message to your guys with each passing day as we just don't know?

Chans: Most of our guys know if this starts back up, they have to be ready to go. I would imagine they're working out on their own and doing things to stay in shape as best as possible. On the selfish side on our part, we all want to play and do things like that, but we also understand there are bigger things going on in the world than baseball and they're making decisions on people's health and keeping people safe -- we fully support that. Hopefully we get this thing figured out and go back to some normalcy. Not just in school and baseball, but in life. 

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