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Hawks Talon's Mushaben set to show how a rancher from Montana can find success in the NBA 2K League

Mushaben is the first to make it to the pro-level from Montana.

SAN ANTONIO — Coming from Broadview, Montana to the city of Atlanta is a big leap for Hawks Talon's rookie John "WITNESS" Mushaben, but he is more than ready for the challenge.

The NBA 2K League's Hawks Talon selected Mushaben with the 18th overall pick in the 2022 NBA 2K League Draft, making him the first to make it to the pro-level out of Montana.

And one doesn't have to understand why he is now a pro.

He's one of the up-and-coming shooting guards in this year's draft class and will pair well with the heavily talented Talon's roster.

So what can we all witness from WITNESS this season? Scoring!

We talked to WITNESS about his journey to the league from the combine process to what Talon fans can expect from the highly-touted rookie.

Jeff Garcia: Can you talk to us about the combine process? What kind of sparked you to have that good run?

WITNESS: The combine process, it's an interesting process. Every day you just wait for that email. Waiting to see what teammates you're going to get out of this random pool, and I got paired with a lot of European guys. 

Like some Spanish guys, it was cool in the combine to break that language barrier and play with guys I would never play with ever before, and once you break that barrier and it gets down to it, I mean, you're just out there playing 2K just doing what you do best. 

I was just out there having fun with it.

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When you reflect on your journey to this moment, what goes through your mind?

It's honestly insane, really. 

A ranch kid from Montana moves to Atlanta, which is a huge city. Way different culture. Way different kind of place than what Montana has to offer. 

It's just kind of mind-blowing still that I'm here playing 2K for a living in Atlanta. Just being a ranch kid from Montana. 

Wesley Acuff, the Gaming Director, made it very clear that the goal of the draft was to build a contender for season 5. Do you feel any pressure about living up to the high expectations set for this team?

No, I don't really feel any pressure at all. I'm confident in all the guys here as well, and I'm confident in their ability and in their ability to focus and work hard in the season. 

The results that they're going to show at the end of the season may not reflect our work and the focus that we put in during the year, but I'm pretty confident that it will. 

And what can we expect on the virtual court from you this season?

Just what people are used to seeing. I'm going to score the ball. I'm going to knock down my shots and I'm going to help my team win games.

You're going to be paired with CEEZ in the backcourt. How excited are you to play with him? 

I'm definitely excited. He's such a good guard. An explosive, scoring guard. It makes my life easier. Just his presence on the floor is going to get me open shots, so I'm excited to play with him.

What is the one thing you're looking forward to the most this upcoming season?

Winning ball games. 

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