The Miami Heat’s Goran Dragic has been selected to fill in for the injured Kevin Love in this month’s All-Star Game, the NBA announced Thursday.

According to NBA rules, when an All-Star is unable to participate, the commissioner chooses a replacement from the same conference as the player who is being replaced. Love and Dragic both play for Eastern Conference teams. Dragic received the most voting points from NBA head coaches among Eastern Conference players who were not selected as reserves or already named as an injury replacement.

Already, three of the 24 players selected to the All-Star game have been injured and replacements have been announced. There are still two weeks to go until the game on February 18 in Los Angeles. Could the Spurs’ Manu Ginobili be in line for a spot if another player gets injured?

We don’t have access to the results of the coaches’ voting, which has been the deciding factor in choosing the injury replacements so far.

We do know that Dragic landed outside the top 10 in the combined fan/player/media vote, which was used to determine the game’s starters. Ginobili ranked second in the fan vote, but not as well among the media and other players.

If a guard from the Western Conference got injured and Ginobili was picked as an All-Star replacement, we don’t even know if he would accept it or would rather rest up for the season's home stretch. Ginobili is 40 years old and has already played in two All-Star games.