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Gen.G Tigers of Shanghai select Texan with No. 1 overall pick in 2022 NBA 2K League Draft

Gen.G Tigers selected Jaiden “galloOTTR” Frank of DeSoto, Texas.

SAN ANTONIO — A gamer from Texas saw his pro-esports dream come true Saturday night.

With the No. 1 overall pick, the Gen.G Tigers of Shanghai selected Jaiden “galloOTTR” Frank of DeSoto, Texas. Bucks Gaming selected Michael “Cooks” Campbell of Brooklyn, N.Y. with the second pick. With the third pick, Mavs Gaming chose Kenneth Grant “KennyZeus” Strombeck of Wake Forest, N.C.

The 2022 draft pool consisted of 145 players. In addition to unretained players from last season, the draft pool also included top‑performing players who earned draft eligibility as part of the “NBA 2K League Draft Prospect Series,” Sony Scouting Grounds tournaments, the NBA 2K League’s Women in Gaming initiative, or the NBA 2K League’s APAC and European Invitationals, or by being identified by the NBA 2K League and its teams based on their play in the 2K community. 

A number of NBA 2K League teams will live and train out of Indianapolis during the 2022 season. The league will provide practice facilities at the NBA 2K League Studio and create unique behind-the-scenes content around the teams living in Indianapolis. Teams not living in Indianapolis will continue to train and play remote games out of their team facilities and travel to Indianapolis for in-person games. For more information on the 2022 competition schedule, click here

For more information, San Antonio fans can follow the NBA 2K League on Twitter (NBA2KLeague).

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