SAN ANTONIO — Earlier this week former UTSA head coach Frank Wilson accepted the same position at McNeese State and let's just say he still might be a bit bitter over the firing last month.

He then went on to say "The opportunity to come to (McNeese State, a place) that embraces athletics, that embraces football, that recognizes this program is their front's hard to pass that up because you don't get that often."

All right so a lot to unpack there. Let me first say I'm not going to take personal shots at Frank. He's a good dude and I respect the work he did here in San Antonio.

I'll also give him this -- the tradition and prestige isn't with the UTSA football program because, well, it's only been at the FBS level for seven years.

Yes, his bosses at the end of his tenure were not the one's who hired him and Yes. The money isn't flowing in, the seats aren't filling up and we're still waiting on that new Roadrunner Athletics Center of Excellence building.

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However, don't give me this pride nonsense as mentioned in the statement provided in the above tweet. That's crossing the line.

UTSA wasn't the last place you "left," it was the last place you got fired.

When you took the job you knew all these disadvantages -- you were all smiles when the confetti dropped in the Alamodome after making a bowl game. The fans were jacked up, the momentum was there and the university made you a millionaire. While the athletics department couldn't shell out the necessary dough for assistant coaches, they trusted you with the program as you were one of the top-paid names in the conference. And what happened? 

Momentum faded because the product on the field got worse.

So yeah, UTSA isn't a lot of things, but it's fairly clear after some of those comments the university absolutely made the right call moving forward.

Let's just leave it at that.