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Coach Popovich: 'It would be a lot better if the people in power got off their a***s and got something done.'

The coach of USA Basketball had strong words for lawmakers when talking to the media Tuesday.

LAS VEGAS — San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich is handling questions from the media the same as usual, even in his role as the head coach of USA Basketball.

Coach Pop is with the men's national team in Las Vegas this week as the team prepares for the FIBA World Cup, which begins August 31 in China. While the coach fielded some questions about the team and its roster, his political comments took center stage Tuesday.

According to Washington Post National NBA Writer Ben Golliver, a question about the Congressional recess got Popovich going in the wake of the two major mass shootings this weekend.

“It would be a lot better if the people in power got off their a—es and got something done, in a lot of different areas. I think they’re on vacation right now," he said. "There's nothing going on right now, so they can take a break. They’ll come back and fix the gun situation, the environment and the inequality in pay... they'll fix all of that when they come back, I'm sure.” 

In another sarcastic answer, Popovich expressed his fatigue in dealing with the media. You can see the array of microphones and recorders as he talks about how happy he is.

Popovich may have plenty of moments of frustration with USA Basketball this summer. As star players have dropped out of contention for roster spots, it's become clearer that more spots will go to younger, less-experienced players. 

The red, white and blue will still be the favorite in the FIBA World Cup, even with some of the country's top talent waiting until next summer's Olympics - a more prestigious event - to represent the United States.

Popovich will take it all in stride in his own style.


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