MASON, Texas — Meet Cannon Jacoby, the biggest little fan of Patrick Mahomes. Since birth, Jacoby has always loved the Texas Tech Red Raiders.

"I've always loved Tech but I started loving them more when Pat came there because he does things that no quarterback can do," Jacoby said.

He admires the way Mahomes works and the way he represents himself. When he won his first AFC Championship this season, the little fan told me he was screaming and he even teared up.

His mom, Jenna Jacoby, is proud that her son looks up to Patrick Mahomes.

"No one believed in Patrick Mahomes before he was drafted, but we did," she said. "Mahomes is someone that I would cherish my son looking up to - he's a good person, his ties to Lubbock and Tech are still strong."

The Jacoby family is rooting for Mahomes to win his first Super Bowl Sunday but no matter what happens, there love for Mahomes and Texas Tech will never die.