SAN ANTONIO — Nelson W. Wolff Municipal Stadium is a major step closer to becoming a Class AAA ballpark, the highest level of Minor League Baseball. 

Thursday, San Antonio City Council approved funding of about $520,000 to make improvements to the stadium. They approved a contract for J. Reynolds and Co., Inc. to put a waterproof coating on bleachers and the concourse. The council also approved a funding agreement with the San Antonio Missions Baseball Club to make improvements to the clubhouse, dugout and batting cages.

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Currently, the stadium is a Class AA ballpark, but with the 2019 season, a AAA team, a Pacific Coast League, will be coming to play. There have been discussions that the current stadium needs to be upgraded. Mayor Ron Nirenberg has voiced his concerns that it would be expensive to start over and has opposed taxpayer funds to finance a brand-new stadium. The location of the stadium has also been an issue, in addition to the basic amenities. The establishment is located in an isolated area on the southwest side of the city. Wolff said discussions to possibly build a new stadium are not over. 

"I think it's great that they did that. It certainly will help the stadium. It doesn't take the stadium up to a level where they could meet Triple-A standards. But it certainly is a step in the right direction. They've been trying to get another stadium, but so far, there hasn't been any luck," Wolff said.

The funding for new improvements will be appropriated from the Wolff Stadium Capital Improvement Fund. It will also come from ticket sales and facility rental fees at the stadium.