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Whataburger vs. In-N-Out Burger; Buzzfeed revives age-old debate

A new post on Buzzfeed revives the age-old question of which burger joint reins supreme
Credit: Whataburger

Just when we thought there was a truce between the Whataburger and In-N-Out Burger camps, Buzzfeed throws them back into the ring.

In a post Thursday morning, Buzzfeed declared, "It’s Time We All Recognized Whataburger Is Better Than In-N-Out And Shake Shack" in a headline to an article that has now received more than 1,700 shares on Facebook.

The article lays out the news outlet's argument on what makes Whataburger a superior burger place, including the fact that Whataburger is freshly prepared, there is more variety and Whataburger's famous ketchup and spicy ketchup.

The article also claims Whataburger to be better than gourmet burger place, Shake Shack, which hasn't been compared with Whataburger as often as In-N-Out Burger.

Fans of both Whataburger and In-and-Out Burger may never agree, but Buzzfeed appears ready to put the argument to rest once and for all.