Will Smith made the biggest (probably) leap of his career, life, and everything else Tuesday.

The movie star spent his 50th birthday -- September 25 -- bungee jumping. And we're not talking about any ol' ordinary jump.

The livestream on his YouTube channel started at 3 p.m.

Smith accepted a challenge back in March to jump from a helicopter. He picked the Arizona's prized natural wonder as his jumping location. He's also using the jump to raise money for charity.

In a video on his YouTube channel titled "Why I'm jumping into the Grand Canyon," Smith talked about overcoming fear and how, as a kid, he was afraid to walk to the Grand Crayon's edge on his family's cross-country trip.

"I don't mind being scared, I'm still going to do it," Smith said.

However, Smith didn't jump "into the Grand Canyon." He jumped near it.

According to the Associated Press, Smith jumped over the Little Colorado River gorge, east of the Grand Canyon National Park, on the Navajo Nation.

A Grand Canyon spokeswoman told the AP Smith never approached them, but would not have been allowed to bungee jump over the landmark regardless.