SHAVANO PARK, Texas -- On Wednesday, Shavano Park saw its first fire in more than 20 years. Around 5:30 p.m., thick, black clouds engulfed a home at the 100 block of Rustler’s Butte.

“There was a lot of smoke,” Shavano Park City Manager Bill Hill said. “It looked worse than it probably was.”

Hill said that a quick response from the fire department meant they were able to put out the fire quickly. Hill added that most of the home was saved, although there was water and fire damage. One wing of the home was lost as the fire spread from the outside.

“Reportedly, it might have been caused by the explosion of a propane tank of an outdoor grill,” Hill said.

Fire is a rare sight in Shavano Park. Curious neighbors stood outside, trying to get a glimpse of the two-story mansion as it burned.

The family whose home burned down didn’t' want to speak on camera. Their friends and family showed up to try to help them pick up the pieces.