Rachel Roland and her husband had no idea how a fire started in their front yard or how it had been put out. All they had was a black patch of charred grass.

"We noticed this huge black scorch," she said. "The fact it didn't spread to all the other houses, to the fences and the pasture behind the house was miraculous."

It happened earlier this week. When they discovered the burned grass, they figured the fire department had responded but learned they never got the call. They were left scratching their heads, until they looked back at footage captured by their high-tech doorbell camera.

"Somebody had come by and rang the doorbell," Roland recalled.

Footage shows a man coming up at the door and waiting, and Roland's husband recognized him as a neighbor from across the street that the couple had never really met.

"He was the one that put the fire out, so miraculous," she said.

Neighbor Ed Hodges lives across the street. He said happened to be outside when he spotted a small fire in his neighbor's yard. Foot-high flames were spreading quickly, so he ran across the street and grabbed a garden hose.

"I just simply reacted the way anybody else would," Hodges said.

Later, the Rolands found a cigarette butt in their yard they believe started the fire, possibly tossed from a passing car. They say without Hodges' quick action, the fire could have been far worse.

"We had a close call, and if wasn't for our neighbor, we might not have a house to come home to," Roland said.

The Rolands gave Hodges their gratitude and a thank you gift, and now the neighbors are fast friends.

"An odd but really nice way to meet your neighbor," said Hodges.

A good neighbor with a watchful eye saved the day.