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Verify: If you don't stop at a red light with a red light camera before turning right, you will get a ticket

Balcones Heights Police say they are looking for a complete stop.

SAN ANTONIO — New red light cameras have been prohibited across Texas since May of 2019. But the law still lets local authorities operate their red light cameras if they already had a contract with a third-party operator until that contract expires. That means red light cameras are still flashing in both Leon Valley and Balcones Heights. If you drive straight through a red light with one of those cameras you'll likely see the flash and know you just got caught. 


If you turn right on red without stopping at an intersection with a red light camera, will you get a ticket?


  • John Jahanara, the Balcones Heights Police Department Chief
  • Balcones Heights Police Officer Richard Martin who runs their red light camera program


This is true.

Officer Martin told us, "You are required to come to a stop, meaning no motion whatsoever at the stoplight. If you stop on the line, you stop. Maybe in the. Crosswalk. We're just looking for a stop." 

Police Chief Jahanara said slowing down isn't enough. He said, "If the the person driving the vehicle was trying to make the attempt, to slow down, because we hear a lot of that, it's black or white for the cameras. Either there's motion or there's not motion, it's going to pick it up." 

The Texas Transportation Code says you still have to pay the ticket. House Bill 1631 reads, "The local authority may continue to operate the system under that ordinance and under the terms of that contract until the expiration date specified in the contract as the contract existed on May 7, 2019."

So yes, it is true. If you turn right on red without stopping at an intersection with a red light camera, you will get a ticket. Martin says he and the camera operator go through every violation individually to make sure each red light ticket is a valid one. 

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