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Verify: Are ballots changing from Beto O'Rourke to Greg Abbott on purpose?

No, the claim is false.

SAN ANTONIO — A lot of eyes are on the midterm elections as well as early voting, with many looking for problems to make sure their vote is tabulated correctly.


Is it true that ballots are changing from Beto O'Rourke to Greg Abbott on purpose?


  • Jacque Callenan, Bexar County Elections Administrator




As soon as early voting began people began reporting problems statewide and the conspiracy theories started to fly.

Tonight's claim stems from Twitter user Carrie, whose user name is "iamofdaniel." She posted...TEXANS BEWARE! Check your ballot when it prints out! Three women in a group I'm a part of reported that their ballots changed from Beto to Abbott! Make sure to verify your selections are correct before you scan your ballot into the machine.

Jacque Callanen, the Bexar County Elections Administrator told us the system used here in Bexar County is one of the best ones Elections Headquarters could use when it comes to technology. She said, "The voter will go through it. Mark their choices. Then there's a review section where they get to review their sections to make sure that their vote is as they cast it. Then they print out their card and they have another chance to make sure that it is correct."   

So are the ballots changing to the opposite candidate on purpose? Here's what Callanen had to say. She said, "I mean, again, we're hearing from both sides. And so we understand that. But again, our system is set up in such a way that they have two chances to review it. And if it's not what they wanted, they go back to the qualifying table and the officials will spoil that ballot and they can do it again."  

So no, it is false. Ballots are not changing from Beto O'Rourke to Greg Abbott on purpose. Callanen says what is most important is where you touch the screen to choose your candidate. If your finger is too close to the edges of the box it may select the other candidate. So voters should pay attention and use the middle of the boxes and make sure to review your ballot before submitting it. 

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