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VERIFY: If you think your vintage CorningWare is worth $10,000 -- think again!

It's a viral post that has everyone checking their cupboards.

HOUSTON — CorningWare dish sets were popular well before the turn of the century. Many people can easily remember seeing them in their parents' or grandparents' kitchen cabinets.

Now the internet is buzzing with the idea that select pieces could be worth up to $10,000. It has got plenty of people inquiring how much they might be able to get for an old set. 

To verify these claims, KHOU went straight to the source: An antique dealer who has seen plenty of CorningWare over the years.

Keith Hardy, the owner of Blind Girl Productions Resale & Vintage, has been collecting those pieces for over a decade. 

“I guess about 11 years ago, my mother gave us a few pieces and we brought them home. This invokes a lot of memories. There are people known to collect it. That’s what it did: It reminded them of their childhood back in the 1960s and 1970s,” Hardy said.

Credit: KHOU

A CorningWare catalog is his guide to finding items and their worth.  

“I definitely would not pay over $50 to $100 for different items,” Hardy said.

That includes new pieces in their original boxes. 

Hardy showed us a CorningWare ceramic pot in its original box. 

“It might be like $50,” Hardy said.

We showed him some of the ads and articles circulating the internet, including one on eBay listing a CorningWare casserole dish for $10,000. 

“I cannot see paying $10,000 for that,” Hardy said. 

The value on that piece was listed in the CorningWare catalog at $10 to $12.

“This is something that somebody is stirring (the) pot on the internet to attract business to themselves. I'm sure if you looked at the profile of these particular individuals on eBay you'll see where they have thousands of pieces like this and what they're trying to do is artificially raise the price on it,” Hardy said. 

KHOU can verify claims of CorningWare being worth thousands of dollars are false. 

The good news is that there is plenty of the 1970s nostalgia to go around and it won't cost a fortune. 

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