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University of Texas releases April Fool's video

The university announced a breakthrough in growing the perfect breakfast taco using biotechnology.
Source: news.texas.edu

AUSTIN — Continuing a 2018 Texas trend of science-themed April Fool's jokes, the University of Texas at Austin released a video Sunday announcing a breakthrough in biotechnology.

The university claimed its scientists had grown the perfect breakfast taco in a lab.

The story includes plenty of hyperbole in alleged quotations from faculty. For example, Bob Metcalfe, professor of innovation and inventor of Ethernet, said: “The new discovery is bigger than the personal computer. It’s bigger than the internet.”

As for the ongoing beef between Austin and San Antonio on which city has the better tacos, the release from UT comes with some salt.

"One could easily argue that Austin is the cultural epicenter of the breakfast taco movement, but there has been a long-standing rivalry with San Antonio. With this discovery, that debate may be ending," boasts the humorous news release.

You can watch the announcement video below.

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