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Tips to tackle home improvement projects during social distancing

Tips to tackle home improvement projects during social distancing
Credit: Window World

SAN ANTONIO — Many local homeowners are stuck inside, staring at their homes’ flaws that drive them crazy and need repairs NOW! With new inspiration called Cabin Fever Creativity, homeowners are trying unusual and outside-the-box solutions to renovate their homes in the middle of a pandemic.

Window World wanted to pass along some “Anti-Cabin Fever Home Improvement Projects.”

Welcome New Windows – You increase your home’s value by replacing windows. Energy-efficient replacement windows will help lower electric bills ahead of the summer months. Homeowners can have a virtual meeting with a designer to determine the cost and solutions.

Side with Vinyl Siding – Vinyl siding replacement is a cost-effective project that requires little to no interaction. Energy-efficient, insulated siding cuts down on bills in the long run and boosts curb appeal for potential buyers. The right siding has the power to deter termites, stand up to wind, and resist cracks. As a bonus, no one needs to step foot inside your home to tackle this project.

Grab a New Garage Door – While you’re stuck at home and not driving, update your garage door. Leave your car in the driveway for now and instantly upgrade your home’s curb appeal once this project is complete. A new garage door refreshes the look of your house, and it’s another project that doesn’t require welcoming workers inside your home.

Get a Green Thumb – ‘Tis the season to get outside, and a little green can go a long way! Make sure bushes are symmetrical, cover bare spots in the lawn with seeds, and sprinkle some colorful annuals along the edges. The National Association of REALTORS®NAR) says standard lawn care service can recover 267 percent of the project cost at resale.

New Shutters – Replacing your home’s shutters is a simple way to make a big change. They have the power to dress up the exterior of your house and increase the charm or sophistication.

Make Your Door Pop – Paint your front door a bold color that enhances your home. You could take it an extra step and get a replacement fiberglass door, which could offer a 74 percent return on your investment.

Home repair businesses are considered essential and they take safety precautions seriously with virtual consultations with designers during which homeowners display the projects that need repair and designers can display new options.

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