These guys are living the American dream. One dab at a time.

Social Media star Logan Paul, known for ‘splitting around the world’, has made the trek to Rio to cheer on Team USA. But he also made his own mark at the Games.

Paul has been posting to his various social media accounts about his adventures in Rio. Paul and his friend, Mark Dohner, have gone to multiple sporting events throughout the week.

The one thing they have in common? They've dabbed on television at every event.

In a video posted on Paul's personal Twitter account, you can see Paul and Dohner dabbing behind gold medalist Gabby Douglas after her uneven bars, at the U.S. men’s basketball game versus Venezuela, and even a slow dab during a swimming medal ceremony.

One of Paul’s greatest accomplishments while in Rio was getting one of Team USA’s youngest athletes, Laurie Hernandez, to dab before one of her routines.

We’ve got to hand it to these guys, they sure do love America.

To see more of their adventures in Rio you can check them out on Twitter @LoganPaul and @MarkDhoner