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These 'Cereal Killer' treats are to die for

A shop in the Medical Center area, Cereal Killer Sweets, takes Rice Krispie Treats to a whole other level.

SAN ANTONIO — Treats so good, they are to die for!

A shop in the Medical Center area, Cereal Killer Sweets, takes Rice Krispie Treats to a whole other level.

The shop makes marshmallow treats out of all sorts of classic cereals, like Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Captain Crunch, Cocoa Puffs, and many more. Nostalgia from childhood is just one of the many appeals of the unique offerings.

"Everybody comes in and they are super excited, it takes them back to when they were kids and they love to get to see all the cereal on the wall and all of our different offerings," says owner Megan Morales. "It doesn't matter if you are six years old, or sixty years old, as soon as you walk in the door, you just become a kid again.".

One of the specialty items is an insane taste bud experience, the cereal treat donut.

"These are some special donut ones," Morales says, holding up one of the tantalizing treats. "We do flavor them, so they actually taste like a donut. We have different toppings like strawberry, cookies and cream, we make our Unicorn Swirl into a donut, and the chocolate iced donuts."

The shop also sells products with CBD oil, using a technique of infusing the oil into the treat.

"We cook down our isolate into the treat [to] make our CBD treats," Morales says. "We have a few different flavors and a couple of different strains. The one that I have is our Clementine Killa. It's going to be a high energy, uplifting one. We also have some strains that are going to be pain-oriented and sleep-oriented."

The shop has been so successful, Morales is already planning an expansion.

"We are actually looking into finding some bigger locations, where we can have tables, have more of a lounge feel when you come in, maybe a cereal bar in the future. We definitely have some fun things coming for the next year."

She plans to display her treats at the "Together We Brunch" festival on June 9, and the Donut Festival on June 15 and 16. She also plans to attend the Frozen Treats Fest on June 22.

The shop is located at 10501 Huebner Road. Check out their Facebook page.

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