SAN ANTONIO — Leon Valley Police are asking for your help to find missing 17-year-old Willow Clayton. 

Clayton who is described as a young woman with blue eyes and blond hair with pink undertones and standing 5'4'' tall. 

The teen was last seen wearing a green velour hoodie in the 6000 block of Forest Wood in Leon Valley on Tuesday, March 12. 

"Honey, if you are out there and lost, hurt, or unable to come home I promise I will move heaven & earth to find you," said Willow's mother Cindy Lockhart in a desperate plea to bring her daughter home.

Lockhart said Willow would never run away from home.  She said her daughter struggles with anxiety, and feels safer at home with her close-knit family.

"My biggest fear is that she's so vulnerable, her whole world is online and everything about her says she would be an easy target," said Lockhart.

According to a police report, two years ago, Willow met a child predator online. 

Lockhard said Willow was being harassed online by a wife or girlfriend of an older man her daughter was communicating with through text messages.

After being contacted by law enforcement about the harassment, Lockhart said Willow changed her phone number, but recently discovered that the text messaging relationship had continued.

Lockhart said they don't know if the man is connected to Willow's disappearance, but said Willow would never be away from home for such a long time.

"It feels wrong on every level.  I believe that if Willow could come home, Willow would come home.  She's either hurt, lost, or is in a position she cannot leave," Lockhart said.

Anyone with information on Willow Clayton is asked to called the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children at 1-800-843-5678 (1-800-THE-LOST) or the Leon Valley Police Department at 210-684-3215.