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Steel balls bounced down West Seattle street

A load of steel balls spilled down a West Seattle street Wednesday, striking cars as they rolled down Genessee.

A bizarre sight rolled down a steep West Seattle street on Wednesday. A load of baseball-sized steel balls bounced down SW Genesee St. between Avalon and Delridge Way SW.

Footage from the scene showed a load of steel balls spilling from the back of a truck. The balls struck several cars as they bounced down Genessee and pooled below as the street flattened out.

It's unclear how much damage the balls may have caused, or how they broke free from the truck. The road was closed while an incident response team dealt with the clean-up.

Mark Gunlogson was on the street when the steel balls got loose. He posted this footage of the scene, saying: "Don’t see this too often; steel balls rolling down the street by the West Seattle golf course. Had to stop and enjoy the weirdness."

Gunlogson is the owner of Mountain Madness. He told KING 5 the steel balls were "better than dodging rockfall on a mountain."

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