‘Texas week’ kicks off with spring breakers hitting beaches along the gulf coast. South Padre is one popular destination, where a cold front moved in overnight.

Spring breakers woke up to cooler-than-usual weather.

It’s probably not what Connor Anspach and his friends from Indiana had in mind when coming to the beach.

“I’m in a sweatshirt and joggers right now and I’m in Texas. Didn’t really expect that one,” he said.

Driving down Padre Boulevard, one can see how the cooler temperatures forced some beach goers to cover up.

Many on the beach were sporting sweaters, while others chose to bear the chilly, windy conditions.

“They’re bringing their own blankets, they’re bringing a lot of jackets,” Laredo resident Rene Pena said. “They’re not going to really want to, you know, be as open as they used to be.”

If you think overcast skies and empty, cold swimming pools are going to dampen the party, think again.

Casey Pryor bought a gutted, old school bus in his home town of Chillicothe, Missouri and drove eight of his friends for nearly 24 hours to come to South Padre.

The bus, which the Missourian updated with a new sound system and a new body paint, promises to welcome anyone to a fun, warm ride.

“All you need is a little bit of music and body warmth in here, man, and you’re good,” Pryor said.

It’s an example of how parties could move indoors.

“Today’s call volume might be a little bit less in the public and we may have more of those in the hotel rooms and the private properties,” said South Padre Island Police Chief Randy Smith.

The sun occasionally peeked through the clouds throughout the day. However, temperatures are expected to remain cool until Wednesday.

City officials aren’t too concerned about the weather keeping people from coming to the beach. There’s already about 20 percent more spring breakers in town than last year, they said.