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Vatican responds to handwritten letters from children in Uvalde

The children wrote letters to the Vatican and the Pope responded.

UVALDE, Texas — The Vatican responded to personally-delivered letters written by the children in Uvalde following the deadly shooting at Robb Elementary School.

The letters came from students at the Sacred Heart Catholic School, which a number of students from Robb transferred following the shooting, according to the Catholic Extension, which helped students financially be able to transfer to the school. 

The letters are illustrations of the children's feelings in their own words. Noah, who wrote a letter and is a shooting victim, told the pope that he feels "safe and loved" in his new school --- Sacred Heart Catholic School.

The Sacred Heart Catholic School librarian, Sister Maria Luisa Aldape, said, "We have invited the children to write to you and share with you their pain and their hopes for the future. Some bear the scars on their flesh and all in their hearts.”

The Vatican responded saying, "His Holiness will remember the students, their families and all of those suffering from the recent act of violence in Uvalde.”   

“We thank His Holiness for keeping the suffering children and families of Uvalde, Texas in his prayers, especially those who lost loved ones in this senseless act of violence,” said Father Jack Wall, president of Catholic Extension. “These letters written by Sacred Heath Catholic school students symbolize their pain and hopes for their future as they continue to grieve the loss of life and innocence that struck their community.”   

The Catholic Extension said they provided financial assistance for more than 30 students who were closest to the tragedy. 

In a statement provided Wednesday, San Antonio Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller expressed thanks to the pope for his response, as well as the "love, attention, solidarity and encouragement" shows to Uvalde. 

"We are aware of the many difficult situations around the world with which he is concerned, and those suffering in Uvalde are connected spiritually with Pope Francis," Garcia-Siller's statement goes on to say. "We are uplifted by his expressions of compassion."

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