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Remembering Irma Garcia, Joe Garcia and Jose Manuel Flores Jr.

Irma and Joe Garcia were high school sweethearts, who leave behind four children. Jose Flores was a 10-year-old student.

UVALDE, Texas — It was a somber day in Uvalde as several of the school shooting victims were laid to rest Wednesday afternoon. 

Jose Flores was a 10-year-old student, and Irma Garcia was one of the teachers who was killed. 

All throughout the day at Robb Elementary school, several people visited from out of town to pay their respects. 

They are remembering Jose Manuel Flores Jr., who was only 10 years old when he was taken too soon on May 24th. 

He was born in November 2011 to parents Alyssa Rodriguez and Jose Manuel Flores and had three brothers and two sisters. 

On his tribute wall, people describe him as a beautiful and sweet boy. 

He was laid to rest at Hillcrest Cemetery. 

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Then there is 48-year-old Irma Linda Garcia who selflessly died protecting her students. 

Just two days later, her husband Jose Antonio Garcia join his wife after suffering a heart attack. 

They were married in Uvalde and had four children together. 

On the Garcia's tribute wall, friends describe them as having a heart of gold, calling them servants of the community. 

Garcia is also now resting at Hillcrest Cemetery. 

Elizabeth Flores, an extended family member of hers, is now demanding change in the election after learning of the shooting here in Uvalde. 

"Everyone should never forget these children. And on November the 8th, let's put them out. All those that didn't do the right thing. Let's get rid of them. And bring in people that care about children. Because our children are our future. They gonna help us as we get old," said Flores, who was visiting from San Antonio. 

"I understand what she did and why she did it. You know. Cause you lay down your life for them if that's the case. Because they're, they're charges. You're there to take care of them. To help them grow," said Flores. 

You can still send flowers to the families of both Irma and Jose

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