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Hundreds of miles away from Uvalde, Kansas teen collects toys for school shooting survivors

Sammie Magee is hoping a box of toys will make the survivors and siblings of the victims feel like kids again.

UVALDE, Texas — More than 600 miles away in a small Kansas city, 15-year-old Sammie Magee is still thinking about the tragedy in Uvalde on May 24.

The teenager is hoping a small gift from the heart will make the survivors and siblings of the victims feel like kids again.

"I know after what these kids saw they're never going to be the same again, even if it's just for five minutes of them opening these boxes, if they're smiling that's what makes it all worth it," said Magee.

Magee didn't want to just give money to a Go Fund Me circulating on the internet, she wanted to help those directly impacted by the tragedy where 21 died. 

"The best way to reach a kid's heart is with toys," she said.

She started Sammie's Toy Drive, and began collecting donations at the Kansas library where she works. She also launched a Amazon Wishlist for those who prefer to buy a donation online.

Magee hopes to gather enough to fill 400 boxes by the end of September. She said many in the Kansas community have donated, and her Girl Scout chapter has been supportive.

"This is what I'm doing for my Gold Award project which is equal to an Eagle Scout Award," said Magee.

Learning school shooting victim Amerie Jo Garza was a Girl Scout herself is encouraging Magee to hit her goal and give back.

"We're here for [Uvalde] and we're coming soon to bring them some happiness," she said.

Magee plans to travel to Uvalde with her parents to deliver the toys herself. She said they will be distributed to children at the El Progresso Memorial Library.

"I think it will be very emotional day for all of us."

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