EAGLE PASS, Texas — A caravan of just under 2,000 people arrived in the Mexican city of Piedras Negras bordering Eagle Pass in southern Texas.

It was met with a dramatic increase of law enforcement just across the border as they prepare for the would-be migrants to potentially cross. Border Patrol agents and Department of Public Safety troopers could be seen patrolling the streets nearby, with officers on foot at the port-of-entry.

It’s unclear whether it was a drill or not, but some officers spent the afternoon firing of a kind of flash bang that created smoke which billowed through the bridge.

Eagle Pass Mayor Ramsey Cantu told KENS 5 the community will likely see up to 100 more Texas State Troopers in the area than unusual as the situation unfolds. The caravan is mostly Central Americans seeking political asylum.

"It takes time, and it's a limited amount of numbers that can actually be process per day. So if we're looking at 1,800 people who are seeking political asylum at our port-of-entry, and if they can do a max of 12 to 15 per day, we're talking about six months of work," Cantu said. 

Eagle Pass typically receives a dozen or so such asylum seekers day, so a group of hundreds arriving at once could prove to be a challenge.