SAN ANTONIO – From a back window of his home, Juan Reyes saw flashing lights from the parking lot of the Walmart located on San Antonio’s southwest side.

Reyes said the first thing he did was turn to social media to see what was happening. He knows many people connected to the Walmart and at the time, there weren’t many details.

It wasn’t until later Sunday morning that Reyes learned about the eight people who were found dead in a semi truck and the 30 other people found injured.

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“It’s not something unheard of,” Reyes said about travelers found walking around the area near his backyard.

“People walking up and telling me stories that they got here from walking or jumped off the train," he said. "I’ve seen a lot of different things. I’ve heard a lot of different things.”

Reyes said that he does what he can to help the people who come to his yard.

“I’m a human being and I care about others,” Reyes said emotionally.

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In some instances, Reyes said he’s given some of them plates of food and let them sit down to eat it at his house.

“I’m glad to help them, actually any human who needs help.”