SAN ANTONIO -- Black Friday deals aren't just about the big box retailers anymore. Now, more small businesses are giving these larger companies a run for their money.

"Its not just, 'take it home, figure it out. Do it yourself.' The sale doesn't stop when you buy the product," said Miguel Couvertier, Special Projects Manager at Altex, "We like to take care of our customers all the way through." 

It's the small business frame of mind. Catering to the customer's individual needs.

To compete with big retailers, local companies are offering their sales longer, and promoting exclusive products you can't get anywhere else. For example, Altex carries a gaming system exclusive to their company. It can be customized to fit your preferences.

"The quality, the product I know is gonna be good. I know it's gonna last," said Altex shopper, Chris Zamora, "They've been around forever and we've used them for our work for a long time."

Altex is offering discounts on flash drives, LED lit keyboards and monitors, and up to $80 off on some Altex products.

Local clothing shops, like Montage Vintage are also doing Black Friday, and they're doing it big. It's buy one get one 90% off through Saturday.

It wouldn't be the small business way without throwing in a little something extra.

"We do minor alterations here in house. It's dry cleaned, hand washed, ready to go," said Shelby Guevara, co-owner of Montage Vintage.

They also do cocktails for customers. It's the little things that keep customers coming back and more shoppers walking in.

"Every time I want to get a unique gift, I always come here. They're always a hit because they're like, 'Where'd you get it?' and I'm like, 'It's one of a kind!'" said Montage Vintage shopper, Lisa Alarcon.

Guevara said, "It's the thrill of finding a piece that no one else will ever have. Super interesting, and crazy prints."

For more information on Montage Vintage, you can check out their Instagram "Montage Style", on Facebook as "Montage Vintage" or you can head to

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