SAN ANTONIO — Police say an officer was pinned between a car and a concrete barrier while he was conducting a traffic stop Monday morning on the northeast side.

The accident happened on eastbound Loop 410 near Starcrest around 9:15 am. Police say that the officer was out in the left median of the highway issuing a citation to a driver.

A Chevy truck in the left lane began to slow down upon approaching the traffic stop when a white sedan rear-ended the truck, according to police. The truck then sideswiped the officer's vehicle; the white car struck the vehicle the officer had pulled over, pinning the officer between the car and the concrete barrier.

The accident caused a chain reaction of collisions; in total, five vehicles were involved in the crash.

The officer and the driver he had pulled over were transported to the hospital in stable condition. Upon arrival at the hospital, however, the officer was treated for several broken bones in his legs.

Traffic investigators with the San Antonio Police Department are on the scene. Police say eastbound Loop 410 between Starcrest and Harry Wurzbach will remain closed through the investigation