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SAISD students' gang member designation riles parents into a rumble with the school district

A fight at school ended with a group of cousins classified as documented gang members at Sam Houston High School. Their parents want SAISD to remove the label.

SAN ANTONIO — Sulynn Harris is upset about what her grandson went through at Sam Houston High School.

"They're labeling our kids as gang members with no proof," she said.

Her grandson is facing charges of assault for a big school fight at SHHS on Oct 14. He is 13-years-old, so we are not using his name because he's a juvenile.

According to Harris, San Antonio Independent School District police filed flawed reports that designated her grandson and his cousins as documented gang members.

"Your job is to serve and protect," Harris said. "But you're tearing down, you're tearing these kids down, you're not building them up."  

Harris said two upperclassmen bullied her grandson two days before he decided to stick up for himself. When he did, she said, the bullies double-teamed him. That's when nine of his relatives jumped in for the save. 

The alleged bullies, according to SAISD police, are the victims. A report obtained by Eyewitness News shows the teens had injuries. Harris said her grandson did too, but that's not on the police report. She said neither is the alleged bullying, which she thinks gives context to the fight. 

Harris reached out to SAISD after her grandson and his cousins got suspended.

"So I followed the chain of command. I called the sergeant. No answer. I called the lieutenant---no answer," Harris said.

LeNaye Wright's son got suspended too. He is a 10th grader and a juvenile we are not identifying. She said she reached out to the district and their police too, but got nowhere.

"I believe I talked to the officer," Wright said. "He said we'll just see what happens in court."

The police reports said there was surveillance video of the fight. The women do not deny or condone the violence, and it is the gang designation they want removed. 

Harris said the gang member status came as a shock to her, especially since the police report stated the officer had called her.

"The officer stated that he reached out to certain parents and told them he was labeling these kids as gang members," she said. "I was one of the parents that he claimed he reached out to---I'm like, I never talked to you." 

According to Harris, when she met with SAISD police, they gave her a screengrab of the boys at school. The photo was from Oct 25, and she said it was part of the officer's proof.

"I said no sir; it's not--because you just told me this picture was taken on Oct 25," she said. "The incident happened on Oct 14. So, how are you using a picture from 11 days later to justify what you already wrote in this report, as your evidence?"

The report also indicates the boys are in a branch of the Bloods street gang called 'The Head Hunterz.'

"From what I understand, that's what the coach calls them on the football team," Wright said.

They said the name is associated with their mission on the football field. But could not explain why some of the cousins were wearing red jackets the day of the screengrab.

San Antonio ISD responded to the concerns in a statement:

"We are aware and our district police have investigated this incident thoroughly. We are working with the family, and district leadership at multiple levels have reached out to provide information and guidance to the grandmother."

The boys served 35 days in alternative education while the alleged bullies withdrew from school. But they all must meet in court on the assault charges.

Harris said her grandson's security is a concern at Sam Houston, so she moved him to another school. Wright is considering the same thing.


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